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December 20th,2009

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Hi everyone ! Here to say you we are in Twitter and Facebook. Please have a look and become a follower or fan (respectively).


December 12th,2008

Novel cover published.

A new novel has recently appeared. This is "Roland of the High Crags: Evil Arises" by B.R. Stateham.
We are proud to say that we have created the cover for the novel.
We can't wait to start reading it as soon as we get our copies... it looks very, very promissing !!!

[Roland of the High Crags: Evil Arises]

Nov 27th,2008

After long time waiting for this book, finally it has appeared some months ago, and we didn't tell anything...bad guys!.
The RPG book is "Bit of Wilderness: Into the Mountains" by Tabletop Adventures. Continuing with the collection of willderness descriptions for enriching any RPG campaing which requieres it.
We'll be including here all the pieces we created for such very soon.
Keep an eye on our news!!

August 12th,2008

New Album Art to be published.

Well, we are having less activity this year, but we keep deep in our hearts the enthusiastic spirit for fantasy.
Among others, we have to present you a new cover to be soon at music shops and internet. It seems it will be available at September 2008.

Black Metal Satanica

Enjoy this title... those of you who likes black metal... Ah! And don't forget to send your comments to us.
We are comming with more soon.

March 1st,2008

New Album Art published.

Hey friends, you can enjoy of a new picture of us in the cover of LEDBOX, a Led Zeppelin tributed published by Cleopatra Records.
Click on the title for album information. Click on the cover to see the artwork.

Led Box - A Led Zeppelin Tribute

We hope those of you who are fans of Led Zeppelin like it. For us it has been very nice experience to create this cover.

December 5th,2007

Art Exhibition !!!

We are proud to annouce we are going to exhibit our art at Madrid (Spain. Sorry for those reading this from overseas).

In the exhibition we are showing most of our latest artworks in real size reproductions.

The place is La Boca del Lobo, located at calle Echegaray 11, in Madrid.

You can check the exihibition schedule of La Boca del Lobo in this link.

November 5th,2007

New works have been added, but they have not been commented here before in the news section. So, now it's time...

We have slightly modified the Published Works section in order to group the artworks related to Role-Playing Games and those new ones cretated for CD and DVD Music Covers.
In this second group it has been included the Molly Hatchet cover alredy comented here in May, but also three new works edited from May to November:

  - Nazareth: Hair of the Dog LIVE:
  - Guns Box: Attitude for Destruction:
  - Pink Box: Songs of Pink Floyd:

As said, to check them, follow to CD and DVD Music Covers section.

June 29th,2007

Well, at the end...!

You can have some pieces of our art printed.
Please find some of them at our Prints section.

We would like to count with your feedback about which are your preferred and which you would purchase if available.


May 30th,2007

Hi again,
Now we can talk about the CD cover we had commented in the last note of this blog. Reason is that it has been already pusblished, and here it is :

Molly Hatchet - Flirtin with Disaster Live

(To check the original painting just click on the cover)

We are very happy to annouce this issue, and hope we can tell you soon about some other covers ... freshly baked ... (please be waiting ;)

May 9th,2007

More than 4 months without news here in this section...!!! No, that's is not good.

In fact several projects have had us busy and aditionally we would wanted to revamp the site with a new web cover and design we were working on these last months. But none of them are completly ready and we think is time to update you, even though we have to do it in few weeks because the following issues become true.

Just to leave you with some interest on what is comming, let us tell you that the following will be ready soon:

- A new book for Tabletop Adventures called: Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains. It is ready announced in our works section.

- A CD cover: Yes, you read it correctly: CD cover. The CD will be ready for purchasing very soon. We will include more information about the band and some links when ready. We'll still keep the surprise.

- A collectible series of fantasy. More information also when ready. But at the moment we can say that it will be available in Spain and France only. We have contributed with some pieces, but there are more artists participating on that.

Hope to come back with more info soon!!

December 26th,2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007!
The page has been updated with more drawings. Specilly the characters set that has been included in our Art Gallery.

Adittionally, we have to say the Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor seems to be already at shelves since November, which make us very happy! You can see our illos for this book at Published Works section the drawings included in it from us.

Please, don't forget you can leave a message to us using our Contact form. Your comments are welcomed.

June 15th,2006

As a brief update, just to say that we have finished a new set of artworks for Hinterwelt Enterprises.
Tern System Planteary Guide is the title of the new book by Hinterwelt.
This time the pieces are not inspired in a medieval background. They are futuristic so this is a little change in the thems we use to paint. We hope you like the pictures once we publish them here.

Apr 2nd,2006

This time, we have produced 10 new pictures for which is a new publisher for us, RPG Objects.
And we would want to thank to Bradford Ferguson his direction on this project. It was a kind art director, and help us to achive great characters.
The book contains 20 wizards characters from different levels. We have illustrated 10 of them.
Those you will see in four e-books that you can find on RPG Objects.
Have a look to our drawings here: Dragon Drop : 20 Wizards.

Mar 27th,2006

Here we are announcing a new book featuring our art. It was once more for our friends of Tabletop Adventures. If the previous one was good, we are even more proud of showing you what we did for this book: Dungeons II.

Mar 14th,2006

And now, the book for E.N. Publishing has been finally published. It's about the Messengers Guild, within the E.N.Guilds collection that this publisher has created.
You can find our art for it in our already known list of books featuring our art.
By the way, the cover has been created by ourselves too. We enjoyed working on that book. Hope you enjoy it too.

Mar 1st,2006

Well, here are some results of the metioned work in the last note.
It's about the book Into the open by Tabletop Adventures. We really like the results.
And Apart from our artworks , after reviewing the book we have to say that it is a very good compilation about plains for game masters.

Congratulations for Tabletop team!

Feb 25th,2006

During this two months without any page update we have been really overloaded. Now we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully almost four books featuring our art are going to be released by different publishers. As it is not allowed to us talk all what we would like about them here, we just will mention them.
The only which is going to be released very soon and we want to add to our book list it is the second supplement of Tabletop Adventures for 'Bits of Darkness: Dungeons II'. We are looking forward to show you the pieces we have created for them, because we thing we have improve since we completed the first book for 'Bits of Darkness: Dungeons'.
At the moment we have just added the cover to our published book list, but you will enjoy our pictures soon.

Dec 18th,2005

A new piece privately commisioned has been included among the monsters gallery. Enjoy it:


Dec 12th,2005

Still cannot tell what artworks we are creating, sorry. But some of them are comming true. And we want to share something about them here.
One of them is the new book by Tabletop Adventures featuring our art : 'Into the Open'.
The book will be ready for purchasing it soon. At the moment we have listed it at the Published Works page.

Nov 25th,2005

More works added to our gallery. Concretely two, and both colored.
We are very busy these days and page updates are comming very late. We are handling several commisions currently. Hopefully we would tell you soon what we are working on... :)

Oct 27th,2005

We have included a new page for links.
If you want exchage a fantasy art related link with us, please contact us. We will check it and will answer you back.

October 23rd,2005

We have included a new piece in our portfolio to continue building it up. This time the piece it is a color one inspired in another one commisioned by Zeitgeist Games. The monster is a Vargouille, which is a kind of crepy head with bat wings and some tentacles. You can click in the sample here or just go to our Art Gallery.


October 15th,2005

Well, after some time you can enjoy the new supplement for Tales of Gaea, Circuses & Carnivals where we have participate.

It's included now in our section of Published Works.

September 1st,2005

Happy to announce one of our latest comissions during July, a couple of books by Zeitgeist Games that will be ready soon, will contain illustrations from us. One of them is already available since 15th of August: The Wizards Cabal.

The other one The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor will be released during September.

Both are included in our Gallery of Published Works.

Aug 13th,2005

It's ready. The Austrian Holidays book from Hinterwelt has been published.
We have updated our Published Works section.
To check our art inside: Austrian Holidays.

Jul 15th,2005

Finally published the book Turris Lemurum by Hinterwelt Enterprises. The Published Works page has been updated.
To check our art inside: Turris Lemurum.

We are running new projects during July and hope to show them here soon.

May 31st,2005

Added to our Published Works section a new book by Hinterwelt where we have contributed with our art: Austrian Holidays.
The main picture for cover has been created also by us. So, very happy to announce this will be ready on August featuring a total of 5 pieces by the Carmona Brothers!

May 24th,2005

Silven Publishing, a new client of us, has published recently the book Races of Twilight - The Green featuring our art. Click in the title here and check for the pieces included in the book
For more info about the book, go to Silven Publishing site.

April 22nd,2005

Added one more pieces to the Art Gallery. It's related to an upcomming book from Hinterwelt Enterprises: Turris Lemurum.
Due to this the Published Works section has been updated too.

April 20th,2005

We had announced in this section on January 15th a book which included a cover of us. Today we are proud to say that it has been finally released: Akashic Nodes: The Home of Memory.

You can purchase it on internet at: RPGNow and DriveThru RPG. We'll be happy seeing our cover on the selves soon.

April 2nd,2005

Added more pieces to the Art Gallery. Some of them related to an upcomming book from Hinterwelt Enterprises: Circuses & Carnivals.
Due to this the Published Works section has been updated too.

April 1st,2005

Added a new piece to the gallery: The Kuei.
For us it's a pleasure to announce its future putting here the words from William Corrie (Hinterwelt Enterprises): "I think I will use this for the cover of our Unnatural Things: Demons and Spirits supplement"

March 11th,2005

Released Bits of the Boulevard by TableTop Adventures. This is the fifth book in Tabletop's series Harried Masters.
We've contributed 3 greyscale/inked pieces in this book. Great book in general and very happy to stay again with Tabletop doing it.

March 10th,2005

The collection Spectrum Shift: Colors of Magic has been included in the Published Works section. In this collection we have included 6 of the 12 mages portraits and designed the 12 symbols which represents the 12 color of magic.

February 15th,2005

Some new piece has been included in the gallery like this.
But more interesting for us is that we have got some space at Pen&Paper RPG Database to include some selected pieces.

January 17th,2005

In help of people who suffered the Tsunami disarter consequences recently, a publication has become true thanks to the effort of several artist and writers who have donated our work for this publication. All of us have been coordinated by Evan Paliatseas, who has worked hard and efficiently to get alive this E-zine sooner than imaginable.
  From here we want to reserve this little space to show our contribution to that E-Zine, and more important than that, to ask all of you (roleplaying gamers and fantasy fans) to contribute for a good cause.
  Elemental is the name of this E-Zine and you can click here to purchase a copy at RPGNow.

January 15th,2005

We have finished the last color artwork we were working on since Christmas: Akashic Nodes: The Home of Memory.
The piece has been comissioned us by Blue Devil Games and it will be the cover for a book of the same title Akashic Nodes: The Home of Memory which is the first book in the BlueDevilGames AEvolutions line in support of Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved. The book will be available soon.

December 23rd,2004

Finished and included here the piece Orc Ambush. Another piece for self promotion. Now it is available in the galleries.

December 22nd,2004

At the end the web is completly revamped !! It was a hard work but we like the results. It have been introduced a lot of new artworks pending for a long time.

December 20th,2004

The Female Red Dragon has been finished. It was created for self promotion, but we have decided that it will be our cover for this website.

Decenber 3rd, 2004

Released Archangels I: In the Beginning by Plot Device. Hard work on this from July 2004, but finally published. The book features 6 B&W pieces, 5 color pieces (archangels portraits) & 1 color cover from us.

November 24th, 2004

Released Bits of Darkness: Caverns by TableTop Adventures. This is the second book in Tabletop's series Harried Masters.
We've contributed 4 penned pieces on this book. Nice results in this book too. Really happy with the pieces.

October 30th, 2004

Released Bits of Darkness: Dungeons by TableTop Adventures. This is the first book in Tabletop's series Harried Masters.
We created 5 pieces for this book. We really enjoy with the descriptions provided here to create our pieces. Nice experience & nice book.

September 23rd, 2004

Released POW! book by Aethereal Forge. Our little contribution on this can be checked clicking in the book title here.

August 8th, 2004

Roma Imperious book finally printed !!
We are really happy with this because is our first big RPG project! Hard work during April, May and June 2004. In total, 14 pieces have been created by us for this book.
We should give many many thanks to Bill Corrie (Hinterwelt Enterprises) for trusting us so much on this project.